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Anyone using this website (the "Site") is subject to these terms and conditions. Here, "we/us/our" means Myloansclick. Every user must follow all the terms and conditions of the site (https:// myloansclick.com) whenever they browse the website on desktop, laptop or mobile. This applies to all related website pages for all purposes, including but not limited to collecting information, soliciting financial products and submitting applications.

In the condition that you make use of the website or any other page, it means that you accept all the terms and conditions there under. We recommend that you read all terms and conditions before using the website for your financial purposes. If you find it difficult to agree under any circumstances, you should stop using the website as soon as possible. "Using the site": what is it?

Any individual may use our site for personal and non-commercial reasons. When you use the website, you strictly monitor it for these purposes only, without any other illegal use. However, you can collect relevant information, use financial products and services and purchase them under the given conditions.

When using the website, you should take care not to use the content mentioned on the site for any purpose. This means that you may not use the provided content for personal or commercial use. The content written on the website is intended to provide you with relevant information about the financial products and services offered. The content displayed on the website is not intended to educate anyone about financial products or financial interests. Instead, it does not provide any financial, legal or other advice to users of the Website.

You should make sure that you make your own decision with a proper assessment of all the risks, problems and issues involved if you use the website or apply for our financial products or services. The website, https://myloansclick.com/, aims to provide you with important information about companies, related businesses, lending products and financial services in Ireland. This information is only accessible to Irish users or residents. If you are using the site from outside Ireland, then you will be required to agree to any terms under Irish jurisdiction and local law.

The content written on the website does not attempt to provide accurate information useful to all users. If you use the details mentioned in the content of the website or if you apply for financial products, it means that you promise us that you will do so at your own risk to you.

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We own all material rights displayed on the website (https://myloansclick.com/) whether registered or not. We impose strict restrictions on the use of videos, images, facts, information and any other content to modify it or use it for illegal purposes or for personal or commercial purposes. You are strictly prohibited from copying, modifying and distributing any content or material provided on the website for profitable ambitions without our prior authorisation.

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We do not accept liability for direct and indirect damages caused by users while using the website (https://myloansclick.com/). If you browse our website, you will be solely responsible for any profit or loss arising as a result of your own actions. We keep the right to alter or update our terms and conditions from time to time without notice. We advise that you evaluate our website norms regularly.