Financial problems do come with lots of surprises. Now, you do not need to care extra about them because Myloansclick is here. We back you and stand for you in getting an acceptable financial solution.

Our objective is not to provide financial products and gain income through a high-interest rate. We say ‘No’ to this ‘selfish’ strategy. Instead, we say ‘Yes’ to a ‘selfless’ approach where flexible lending terms exist irrespective of applicants’ poor credit histories.

Once you apply, you will see the difference we make in your financial life and experience how our service differs from other private lenders in Ireland.

If your finances face an emergency, we are ready to resolve this urgency. Find your loan from the options below and click on them to get detailed information. Before that, one thing is for sure. We provide only affordable loan deals.

Personal Loans

Meeting your personal ends now is not difficult, as you can avail of our personal loans through a simple online loan application. You can opt for secured and unsecured personal loans without the limitation of poor credit scores. You can borrow up to €25000 based on your affordability.

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Unemployed loans

You may not be on full-time employment to fetch a loan easily. Still, you can get approval on your part-time income or unemployment benefits. The amount may be small to borrow but enough to keep the cash flow to your bank account. You may apply with a guarantor or co-signer too.

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Car loans

Purchasing a new or used car will not be a financial trouble for you. These loans come with no impact of past credit mistakes or even if you have no job in hand. We provide loans for any car model, but the amount should be affordable to your monthly income.

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Business loans

We are ready to fund your start-up dreams or existing business through a few simple online clicks. These loans are available on both fixed and flexible rates, which you can finalise after analysing your annual returns. You can choose these loans for various business objectives.

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Bad credit loans

Losing your credit score does not bother you because we have the proper backup for you in the form of loans for people with bad credit. These loans are available on online platform where formalities cannot create disturbance while availing the benefits of our bespoke loans.

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Home improvement loans

The time has come for you to raise the value of your home by renovating it. Do not worry about adequate funds, as we provide home improvement loans with the lowest possible interest rates and flexible repayment schedules. Go for these loans with the least paperwork.

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Quick Loans

Perhaps the best way to answer your financial emergencies is to go for quick funding. And when it comes to quick funding, choosing our quick loans will be a wise decision. We provide these loans online with no paperwork and no obligations like guarantor or collateral.

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No Credit Check Loans

Do you need a loan that should not leave any footprint on your credit profile? If yes, then you should show trust in us and our loans with no hard credit check. We provide these loans on soft credit checks with no record on your credit profile. These will be for a very small amount and duration.

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