Privacy Policy

Myloansclick does not operate the customers’ database through its portal. The company is a responsible private lender and does not affect the individual credit decision. The persons are applying for various financial options presented by the company and those who are contacted by the representatives are only the members, who are in the network of the company. They are neither the representatives of any product nor the agent of any financial service. The company uses media advertisements only to focus on the financial assistance of individuals, who want to fill the application form on the company’s website.

Consumer Privacy

The company knows the significance of protecting the information given by the customers on the web portal. Myloansclick respects the privacy of its customers and thus, does not forward their applications to any third party or for financial services without their consent. The company does not hold the database of the customers. Instead, we only analyse the information given by the customers. The company is mentioning privacy policy here only to make customers familiar with its main purposes and thus, individuals should read the privacy policy prior to acquire service through the website. The customers are required to accept the terms of the company’s privacy policy before seeking its guidance. It is mandatory that we only receive the information of those individuals, who are above 18 years.

General Information

Myloansclick provides services as the trustworthy provider of loans for the borrowers. Once the person submits online loan application, all the information on the form is carefully monitored, and takes care of further things. There is no requirement of filling an application form to use the website and the company does not send any newsletters to its prospective customers. All the content published on the website just indicates the services offered by us.


Individuals, who are using this site, are free to refuse the cookies on the expense of some certain features. Cookies are generally the part of information, which accumulated on the hard drive of computer of the user.


The company owns no responsibility for the practices of other websites’ links, mentioned in the website. The individual needs to read the privacy policy of each site.


Myloansclick has the access of latest security technologies, which is used for securing personal information from illegal use and disclosure. The company protects the private data by a particular encryption like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.


The company holds the right to disclose the private information of the customers only in certain circumstances, such as if needed by the law, where the government may order to the company to provide information of an individual. Moreover, the company also holds the right to reveal the data of the customers when it thinks that there is a genuine reason to disclose such important thing.

Confidentiality and Security

The company keeps the personal information of an individual safe from unauthorised access via the procedural, physical and electronic safeguards abide by the law.