Home Improvement Loans

If you are in a hurry to maintain, renovate or repair your home and need money right now, we can help in 'surprising' ways. Let us know how much you need. Your project will be funded on short notice, and you'll enjoy your newly furnished home.

We can offer home improvement loans so that you can fund your projects now and that too comfortably. Apply now to get started and to access funds up to €25000 for a maximum of 84 months.

  • Gain approval within minutes
  • Avail both secured and unsecured loans
  • No hidden or extra charges
  • Get a nod on bad credit
  • Achieve low-interest rates

Manage home improvement loans at affordable rates

Are you struggling with repairing your home on a tight budget? Is your income or credit score (or both) low, but you need to improve your home's value immediately? Can your home improvement not wait any longer because you must resell the property? It is evident that you need funds. We can give it to you.

Myloansclick facilitates clients in providing finances for all sorts of funding needs. One has to deal with various needs, from maintenance to repair and whatnot. It becomes very difficult to manage when you have low savings and are not ready to think about it financially. During this situation, we want to help you manage these financial sides. Our support is extended to you through a home improvement loan.

You may feel surprised if you can get the loan just how you want. We have the provision for both secured and unsecured home improvement loans in Ireland. Apart from a generic loan for home renovation, we also have other kinds of loans for the same purpose.

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Is a home improvement loan enough for multiple projects?

Your home needs maintenance and care, but it needs solid investments. Of course, the amounts get higher if you have an office to renovate/repair or your home has a few special needs. Do not worry, though, as we meet your personal ends.

If there is an urgent safety concern and a repair need is pressing upon you, home improvement loans can rescue you if you are going through rough times financially. These projects cannot be ignored. A loan might help you fund and complete them effectively.

Why will you prefer borrowing money for your home improvement?

Quick Emergency Repairs

You can get approval within minutes, whether it is a faulty roof, severely damaged water supplies or electrical issues. Receive the money in a day and manage your emergency repair projects now!


Maintain your property by giving it the refurbishment and protection it needs. Do not compromise with money because we can offer you a decent amount with our affordable loans.


Need to shine the bathroom up with fashionable LED lights? Have you finally decided to go for a modular kitchen? Go ahead and finalise your renovation project today with the proper money.

Home Extension

Extend and increase the value of your home just as you want it with the right financial assistance. Send us a quote for the project, and we will help you with the money at comfortable rates.

Can I get home improvement loans despite bad credit?

We would say ’yes’ to that. Since we are a responsible lender, we prioritise borrowers with bad credit situations. We have specially designed our services to create products such as bad credit home improvement loans, which surprisingly come at comfortable rates.

Let us know how much you earn by sharing your income statement with us. We run a check on it to know if you can repay us the money in set instalments. If you can repay using what you earn, we do not have a problem lending you the money.

Repaying a loan with us is easy, as you can choose your repayment option from various packages. The loan is going to be divided into instalment amounts with interest. These amounts come in low amounts, and you can easily bear them if you have selected the right repayment package. You should use a home improvement loan calculator to determine the most comfortable rate and amount.

bad credit home loan

However, if you face hurdles in this case, know that we will be there to help you. We can offer you the best repayment package if you consider contacting us.

We can help you with other kinds of loans for bad credit in Ireland too. However, we make a soft credit check for all such loans. It is a formal credit check to understand your borrowing capacity and financial behaviour.

We have mandated this process only to understand and get the best loan offer to you. It does not hinder the lending process. You will be eligible for loans in the poorest credit situations as long as you can repay us using your income.

What to prepare before getting a loan for home improvement?

Such personal loan mainly includes 'extensive and expensive' work in real estate. We recommend you take some time and pay extra attention to the borrowing process and its associated regulations. These include:

  • Get permission

    Find permits first. Many extension or renovation works need inspection and permit from your local authority. Home improvement loans must be taken after such permits are acquired.

  • Income details

    We will approve your loan with the help of your income details. We would want you to provide concrete evidence of your income statement with the employer's name, address and salary clearly stated in the said documents. For businesses, we need revenue generation details such as profit and loss statements, sales statements etc.

  • Share ID proof

    Send us your ID proof, such as an electoral roll, utility bill etc. It would present to us your basic information as a borrower. We assure you that your details will not be shared with any third party.

  • Bank statement

    Share with us your bank statement with the details of fresh transactional records. Also, update your credit score from your credit card issuer. Check it yourself and send it to us for a soft credit check.

  • Property details

    Show us details of your home, office or property you want to use as collateral if you borrow a remortgage for home improvement. You may use details of another property you own to apply for this kind of loan.

***Do come up with a finalised quote for your home renovation. You may not be able to change your loan amount once you have applied. We advise you to sit down with your contractor and renovator to find the quote and then apply with us. ***

Is there a way to get low-interest home improvement loans?

We get many applications from borrowers expecting loans with low interest. Home improvement loans can also come with such easy rates because that is a factor which makes the loan more affordable. We have recognised it and carved a few ways to help you get such loan rates.

  • Opt for a smaller amount

    You may easily choose alternative products such as short-term loans for home improvement. The term length will be very short, and it will help you write off the loan term very soon.

    Due to the small amount, you can assure us of your loan affordability through a stable monthly income. We can take it as a criterion to offer loans at low-interest rates.

low rates
  • Apply for a remortgage

    If you are okay with collateral, we recommend a remortgage for home improvement. The rates of this secured loan are surprisingly low, and it comes with longer-term lengths too. To some borrowers, it might serve as a complementary factor on the financial front along with the low rates they have been seeking for a long.

Are there alternatives to an unsecured home improvement loan?

There are a hundred reasons you might need to renovate your home. Your home renovation project may differ from a traditional renovation. This is where you might naturally be inclined to find a different loan option to relate the funding process appropriately to the project.

Due to the diversity of home improvement and its array of associated financial responsibilities, we have designed other loan products. They may come useful for you in the way you want.

  • Bad Credit Loans

    Suffering from a poor credit score? You may find out about any of our bad credit home improvement loans to help you with your home renovation. Show us transparency with how you would like to repay the loan. We can go beyond a very bad credit score to offer you money.

  • Personal Loans

    A home repair or renovation is sometimes an offbeat project. You may not be sure whether or not to apply for a home improvement loan. In these situations, you need simple personal online loans in Ireland. Choose any of our loans without collateral to fulfil any purpose.

  • Green Home Improvement Loans

    Making a green home in particular? We want to congratulate your endeavours in considering the environment. Share the basic details of your green home construction with us, and we can approve you affordable green home improvement loans right now.

Why would you want a home improvement loan from us?

We have been lending money in Ireland for a long time, helping borrowers from all walks of life. What we have found interesting in our work is that we can make lending money more flexible. This facility can help borrowers to reach out to us more, and that too in actual and comfortable terms. We have turned this idea into our motto.

Through years of work, we have not neglected to study our borrowers closely. We made our analysis, found their real-time needs and updated our services accordingly. We are still doing that and will continue to do so ahead. The good reason for this is comprehensive borrower satisfaction.

  • We prioritise our borrowers’ happiness by creating pocket-friendly home improvement loans.
  • A borrower can get money from us even in the trickiest situations, such as unemployment or extremely poor credit.
  • Our guidance and advice can turn to fund your home improvement easily and quickly.
  • Be it online loans or personal loans for bad credit, we are always ready to ‘lend’ you a helping hand.
  • Providing you with online loans, it might be easier and faster for you to get approved and manage urgent home renovation funds or property-related emergencies.

Let us know when you are renovating your home and how much money you need. Apply online using our application button that you see below. We will immediately get back to help you with the money and to solve your queries.


Can I get a home improvement loan if I’m unemployed?

You can get a loan if you are unemployed. We offer loans in this condition if you can share how you wish to repay us. You may do that with your next job or alternative work such as freelancing or part-time jobs. Talk to us for more information.

Can I expect a loan for home improvement with weak finances?

How to get a home improvement loan without a guarantor?

Does credit score matter when taking out a home improvement loan?

How to use a home improvement loan effectively?